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The New Member Ministry is responsible for the intake of all new members.  They are responsible for the instructions of church policy and belief. They are to pray for new believers at every worship service and ensuring that eligible candidates are baptized.
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Leadership School

At New Life Christian Church, we believe that every believer of Christ is a leader.  As a result of this belief, all members are encouraged to complete our School of Leaders.

The core values of our school are:

  • Every person has the right to a presentation of the gospel at his level of understanding;
  • Every person needs a biblical moral compass to guide and protect him throughout life;
  • Every believer has unique gifts to be developed and used to strengthen the church;
  • Every believer has a purpose in advancing the global mission of the church of Jesus Christ;
These four values are based on one central belief…
Every Person is Valued and is The Focus of Our Ministry 


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The First Call Ministry is responsible for calling all of our new members and visitors on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evenings.  They call each visitor to express heartfelt gratitude for worshipping with us and call each new member to welcome them to our family.  This team also answers any additional questions that a new member or visitor may have. This team is responsible for follow-up of all visitors.  They record any comments, prayer requests or family needs to share with the Pastor and/or other staff to review and follow- up. 

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We began the growth of our ministry with reaching out to the lost at any cost.  As part of our commitment to Christ, we continue to preach to souls no matter their circumstance or situation.  We have several outreach ministries that happen weekly across the city of Birmingham to reach the lost.

Steps in Tradition

A rehabilitation program designed to help men recover from substance abuse.   Deacons go and minister each week to the men in this facility.

Fellowship House

A rehabilitation program designed to help men and women recover from substance abuse.  Deacons and their wives minister to the members of this facility every Tuesday night.

Van Ministry

The Van Ministry goes out each Sunday morning and picks up the members from area rehabilitation centers and brings them to worship services.  After participating in worship services, they are fed a meal, and hava an opportunity to fellowship with members of New Life Christian Church.

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Our children’s ministry exists to help those in our care to know, grow, and show God’s love

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Men of Integrity

The purpose of New Life Christian Church Men of Integrity is to encourage all men to be leaders as God has intended through a growing and committed relationship with Christ.  We provided instruction, accountability and group activities that will develop Godly men of character in order to serve God, Family and the Community.


“Face to face, brother to brother…Face to face, one friend to another…”  “Man to man, shoulder to shoulder…Man to man, serving each other.”  “Brother to Brother we’ll strenghten each other…Working together, we’re building the Kingdom of God.”

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WIP (Women’s Intercessory Prayer)

New Life Christian Church women are committed to ministry.  This inherent desire to serve exists deep in the heart of every woman.  The purpose of our Women in Intercessory Prayer (WIP) Ministry is to encourage and nurture the fruits of the spirit within each individual.  This purpose motivates and directs all facets of women’s ministry.  I realize that ministry begins at home, as First Lady; I encourage each woman to create and maintain a Christian atmosphere in the home.   Every woman is challenged to commit herself to daily bible reading, prayer, meditation and to building the Word of God in their life.  The women are encouraged to share in the burden and the power of intercessory prayer.

New Life Christian Church’s women make a strong, dedicated, equipped and enthusiastic work force for ministry in the church and for outreach ministry around the city.